League of Legends Hextech Hack

League of Legends Hextech Hack


Riot has just released Hextech Crafting on the NA League of Legends server. Like Counter Strike and Hearthstone , League now gives rewards for playing the game. When you log into the game today, you will get a free promotional chest that comes with a skin and ward shard, and just enough essence to make either. People have been complaining about lack of free skins for years, and Riot has created an inventive way to line their pockets while appeasing fans.

There are crates and keys, each obtainable through playing the game. Crates are given when playing in a match made game or scoring an S- or higher. If you are in a premade team, you also get a chest if they get an S- or higher in champion mastery. You can get up to four chests per month this way, or you can buy them from the store. Key fragments drop randomly at the end of games; you need three to make one key, and you can earn more keys by teaming with friends.1458484474-12010---League-of-Legends-Hextech-Crafting-Guide-to-Free-Skins

Out of the crate, you can get a skin or ward skin shard, which, combined with an orange essence, can turn into a regular skin. Orange essence comes from disenchanting champion skin shards. You can combine any three champion skin shards into a random permanent skin, or rent a skin for 7 days. Each tier of skin costs more essence, ranging from 220 to 1520. You can unlock skins for champions you don’t already own, but can’t use them until you buy the champion. img-crafting-rerolling

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League of Legends Hextech Hack

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